The FAB Forum 2017

The FAB Forum (F&B Marketing Forum) is an invite only event that was held on May 25th, 2017 and acted as a precursor to The 19th FAB Awards.

The Forum brought together brands, creatives, media and tech to shine a light on thought leadership and innovation from the Food & Beverage industry.

Moderated by Contagious’ Will Sanson, the day lifted the lid on how brands continue to challenge boundaries, embrace new technologies and stay relevant.

The thought leadership session was held at Google UK’s St. Giles High Street venue in London.

Images from The FAB Forum 2017:

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Forum Moderator:


Will Sansom, Director at Contagious Insider

The OmniChannel Opportunity



Fiona Curtin, Global Business Development Cider at Heineken

Lord Karan Bilimoria, Founder of Cobra Beer

Lisa Byfield-Green, Senior Retail Analyst at LZ Retailytics

Derek Luddem, Area Media Manager, Northern Europe at Mondelez International


Beyond The Brand



Nir Wegrzyn, CEO at BrandOpus


Meaning, Brands, Design:

Meaning is the single most important element in influencing consumer behaviour but it is also the most misunderstood. Brand meaning affects how people understand their relationship with certain products, it is the little things that matter to you when you decide between two brands and explains the irrational way we actually make choices. Nir will touch on the hidden meaning behind brands and how consumers associate that meaning to brands.


Steve Pollack, Head of Media Communications at Nestlé


Building the 150-year-old Brand:

Every food and drink company, from the smallest startup to the biggest global player, wants to establish, nurture and grow their brands. But the market is more competitive, the landscape more fluid and the outlook more uncertain than many of us can recall. In this session, Steve Pollack will consider the challenges and opportunities for building a brand that will last 150 years.


Cultural Relevance



Maddie Raedts, Co-Founder & Creative Director at IMA


Power to the People – How to Maximise Impact with Influencer Marketing:

Today, we congregate into niche networks and consumers are more difficult to reach through traditional marketing methods. However the popularity of social media has allowed us to be more connected than ever and in turn, has amplified the power of influencer marketing. A study by McKinsey & Company confirms that “marketing-induced consumer-to-consumer word of mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising”.



Susan Agliata, Head of YouTube Branded Content Solutions at Google



The Next Generation of YouTube Food Creators: Featuring Kin Community and Delightful Media





Fabio Alings, Brand Director at Mars, Incorporated



‘How cultural relevance and a drive for inclusivity, unleashed the true power of wobbly little chocolate balls!’


Unlocking Innovation



Emer Fitzgerald, Head of Connection Strategy at Rothco

Ray Swan, Creative Director at Rothco


Thieving the Spotlight:

This is the story of how the newly created Orchard Thieves Cider launched into the market place, won the hearts and minds of cider drinkers nationally, and took a big bite out of Bulmers apple in its first year.



Patrick Collister, Creative Lead at Google Zoo



Digital Milk




Uttara Masting, Global Strategy Director at jkr


Food is the new Punk Rock:

Previous generations used music, fashion and film as primary identifiers to express themselves, to form cults and create a culture of belonging. Today we are using Food as a means of self expression, communication and creativity.