All parties involved in food and beverage marketing, advertising, packaging design, promotion and communication throughout the world are eligible.

Work must have first appeared between 1st March 2021 and March 31st 2022. As long as the project will be released before Judging Date (April) your project is eligible for entry.

For Effectiveness category: Work must have first appeared after 1st July 2020.

You may only enter The FAB Effectiveness Awards if you are comfortable your project has met a good creative standard and / or been shortlisted locally or globally at a recognised awards program.

All Jury Decisions are FINAL Our Judging Panel chooses The Finalists and Winners and their decisions are Final.

Entries must be received before 7th March 2022. (Please contact us for a deadline extension).

All submissions must be accompanied by the entry fee (add VAT @ 20% for UK companies).

Awards Ceremony and Dinner: 18th May, 2022 at The Hurlingham Club in London.

For Advertising Effectiveness Entries please submit:

Campaign Objectives

Strategy for achieving the above objectives – describe how all the elements of your project / campaign interact with and complement one another in order to engage your target market

Detail what part media planning played in engaging your target market: Evidence of how successfully the objectives were achieved.

Please include third-party verification where possible: Return on Investment

For Design Effectiveness Entries

The actual project / pack and/or images + Sales Results, Return on Investment with specific details on how Design played a role in achieving these results.