How to enter

How to register and submit your entries to the FAB Awards.

Please read through this page as it will explain to you the steps you need to take to allow you to submit your entries to the FAB Awards.

Complete the Entry Form ONLY and Press Submit so that all your information has been saved.

Then, return to the form and ADD Images / Movie Files etc. Please ensure that File Names are “Clean” and under 62MB each.


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Step 1 – Register

Please visit the the registration page.

Step 2 – Complete the registration form

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Step 3 – Confirmation of registration

You will now receive confirmation of your registration

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Step 4 – Log in to your account

Please visit the the login page here and input your email and password.

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Step 5 – Enter your company details

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Step 6 – Submit your entry details

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline for entries?

Deadline for entries is 7th March 2022. Extensions usually available on request. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone. Judging is much earlier this year so extensions might only be for a few days. ( FINAL Entry Deadline for The 24th FAB Awards is 22nd March, 2022 )

How do I pay for entries?

By Bank Transfer/PayPal. Remember that UK entrants must pay VAT on top. Entries once submitted for The Awards cannot be withdrawn and Entry Fees become due and cannot be refunded once projects are prepared for Judging. Withdrawal of any entry must be BEFORE the First Entry Deadline: 7th March, 2022.

When and where is the judging?

April 2022 by International Juries in London. All Jury decisions are FINAL. Jury Panels may choose to Award in several categories or may choose to Award in only a few. Judges will have the final say on maintaining high standards for the year.

Who judges the FAB Awards?

Senior Creative Directors, Art Directors, Design Directors, Designers, Through the Line specialists, Account Handlers and Clients too.

What criteria will my work be judged on?

Creativity, Creativity, Creativity – I wish I had done that work and Creative Effectiveness, of course.

How will I know if I am nominated?

All Finalists will be contacted straight after the Judging. All winners will ONLY be revealed at The FAB Awards Ceremony. All entrants will be sent a list of Finalists too.

When is The FAB Awards Ceremony?

The 24th FAB Awards evening in honour of Winners and Finalists is scheduled for 18th June, 2022.

And my actual award?

A Winner of a FAB Award is the equivalent of a Gold Standard Award. A Winner of a FABulous Award is the equivalent of a Best in Show / Grand Prix. A nomination / Finalist is the equivalent of a Silver Award and all nominees receive an actual trophy.

Can I get a duplicate trophy for a client?

Yes. Please contact us.

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